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Katara The Sergal
Last Activity:
Oct 12, 2017
Nov 5, 2016
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Sep 29, 1997 (Age: 20)
Southern United States
(Unemployed, currently taking classes)

Katara The Sergal

New Member, Female, 20, from Southern United States

God AIs can't bloody drive in GTA V. I join GTA: Online and haven't even gotten in my car, and an NPC has already crashed into it. *facepaw* Oct 9, 2017

Katara The Sergal was last seen:
Oct 12, 2017
    1. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      God AIs can't bloody drive in GTA V. I join GTA: Online and haven't even gotten in my car, and an NPC has already crashed into it. *facepaw*
    2. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Soo...just beat Halo: Reach on Legendary solo. Yaaay. Took me 8 hours, 24 minutes, 49 seconds (including cutscenes), and I died 64 times.
    3. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      That moment when you're hungry but there's someone in the living room and you're socially awkward and don't like to eat around others...
    4. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Oh, familiar feeling of being both lonely and bored at the same time, and nothing at all sounds entertaining or interesting...
    5. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      *Sergal intensifies*
    6. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      So I think I have a new favorite phrase: "I take great solace in your flammability". Such wonderful words to live by.
    7. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      GTA V's wanted level system is such horseshit. I stab one person, instant wanted level. Like, come on. This is GTA, not the Sims.
    8. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Playing GTA: Online once more on the 360, because I hate myself apparently.
    9. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      *looks up what to do when lonely, the first bit of advice that pops up is "go on a solo date"* Pretty sure that would just make it worse.
    10. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      I wonder why laundry pods are so damn fun to play with. Every time I'm in the laundry room, I can't help but squish the pods in my fingers.
      1. Alzoru Ledura likes this.
      2. Alzoru Ledura
        Alzoru Ledura
        Squish! Squish! ^3^
        Sep 6, 2017
      3. ManintheArmor
        Much squishy. Feel good. Must squish.
        Sep 6, 2017
    11. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      I wonder who I'm trying to convince that I'll ever truly be loved or cared for by continuing to dwell and search in this barren wasteland...
    12. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Nothing like playing San Andreas, riding in the back of a farm truck while aiming an RPG at traffic, not knowing what the fuck you're doing.
    13. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Welp, my Xbox One factory resetted itself and won't let me add my account back, so I've basically just lost everything. Fuck my life.
    14. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      The bells chime and the soft music plays in my head as powerful, complex feelings and images I don't understand torment my consciousness.
    15. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      My heart beats ever slow and faint, the world around me grey, sadness, lonliness, depression, stress, anger, and futility my only friends.
    16. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Welp, I'm done for the day. Checked in, saw a red "1". Thought someone had messaged for the first time in months. Alert, for site updates.
    17. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Days pass...weeks pass...months pass, nothing but dust and tumbleweeds. Great to see this site is still a ghost town.
    18. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Yep, I'm still around. But anymore, I am an echo in the wind, a shadow in the night. I am here, but largely unnoticed as I silently lurk.
    19. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      That moment when my history says "(1) Chat Furrypile" and I get excited and click on it, only for there to be no messages...
    20. Katara The Sergal
      Katara The Sergal
      Having lost another love, I find myself alone again. At a lack of morale or purpose in life. Hurt, above anything else...I feel sick inside.
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  • About

    Sep 29, 1997 (Age: 20)
    Southern United States
    (Unemployed, currently taking classes)
    Before I start, please, do NOT come to me asking for RP. I don't like to start off with this bit, as I feel like a jerk, but people keep sending me RP requests when I don't start with it. Apparently people are too lazy to sit down and read my description. Why someone would be interested enough to message me wanting RP but wouldn't read my description beforehand is beyond me, but it happens on a regular basis, and it's gotten frustrating recently. Don't get me wrong, I like sex just as much as the next guy, and I have powerful sexual needs and desires that need regularly satisfied. But, I want people to message me because they actually want to talk to me, not because they just see me as a cheap and easy slut to score with. It's sad, but it's a massive issue when everyone on the site seems to just want sex. It is supposed to be a chat/dating site, right? I apologize, but my idea of friendship and/or a relationship does not revolve around sex, unlike so many, apparently. Overall, refraining from sex, at least until I feel comfortable enough to trust one, helps greatly with this issue.

    Anyway, I have two fursonas. My first and primary one is Katara; Katara, the Wanderer. she is called so because of her inter-dimensional abilities of teleportation. She can only appear out of immediate eyesight, leading to her often unintentionally startling people, as she always appears from behind.

    She was never born; She spawned into the world, already with the equivalent of a high school education and any other basic knowledge a normal being should have. Ever since she spawned, she have been roaming...wandering. Teleporting wherever she pleases, be it another time, another place, or even another universe entirely. As mysteriously as she appears, she vanishes. One turns to say something to her, and she is gone, seemingly erased from existence.

    As for her physical body, she is a young, female Sergal, her current age being twenty, the same age as me. Her fur is black and white, and her eyes a beautiful blue-purple. It is said one can see the galaxies, the universe, through her eyes because they are so stunning; those who stare too long into them are caught in an almost kaleidoscope-like state, unable to look anywhere but deeper into her eyes. Moving on, her physicality can be defined as average all-around. Average build, average height, no skinnier nor fatter than the average Sergal, no more muscular nor weak. She does, however, have defining traits, like a faint scar along her left cheek, and a diagonal one across her heart, mentioned earlier.

    Aside from this, she distinguishes herself most by the clothes she wears; her outfit consists of a black t-shirt with a big, white dragon skull printed on the front of it in a splatter style, with lines dripping down almost like blood or wet paint, black jeans, black biker-style boots with padding (but not steel) on both the toe and heel, and with a zipper towards the inside of the leg, black, woolen fingerless gloves, and a black, hooded trench coat which I leave unbuttoned, the hood she leaves on at almost all times unless she sees fit to take it off. As such, most of the time her face is covered in shadows. One could say because of her outfit, she looks rather like a vampire; she is not, to clarify, but she sure looks like one nonetheless.

    As for Jason, his story is largely unknown, shrouded in mystery. However, unlike Katara, he does not have the ability to teleport.

    Physically, Jason is male Sergal/dragon hybrid, his age being twenty seven years old, unlike Katara and I. His body is largely hard to tell, Sergal or dragon, but he does have prehensile, rat-like feet like a Sergal and also has the head of one, but has horns like a dragon in addition to long, pointed, Sergal-like ears. He possesses very large wings like a dragon, his wings resembing arms that extend out, with hands that have extremely long, clawed fingers with webbing between them to form wings. He also has a long, thick tail like that of a dragon, but has fluff on the end of the tail just like that of a Sergal, similarly having a lot of fluff on his chest like one, too. Moving on, Jason is covered in black and white fur, like Katara, but has jade-green eyes. He is very tall and muscular; he is not ripped by any stretch, but is very large and powerful nonetheless, and could be mistaken for a bouncer at a club. Whether or not he is, in fact, a bouncer or a bodyguard of some sort is unknown, as is much of his story. He does not have much of any defining features, other than the same diagonal heart scar that Katara has, but he does not share the cheek scar.

    As for Jason's outfit, it is very similar to, but not as complex as, Katara's. He wears a plain black t-shirt, black fatigues/cargo pants, black combat boots, and sports accessories such as black, woolen fingerless gloves like Katara, and also has piercings on his right ear; he is in fact gay, and has a strong male lean, but is occasionally known to experiment with women.

    Something to note is that both Jason and Katara speak with American accents, particularly Southern dialect, but without a stereotypical twang. However, Jason additionally has a hint of an Australian accent, suggesting he is either from Australia, or grew up in an Australian family. Whether or not he is Australian is neither confirmed nor denied and is left to much ambiguity, as is the rest of his story.

    All three of us, Katara, Jason, and I, share our soul with one another. As such, we are but one central being, a central consciousness, split into three different bodies in three different realities. Whatever one of us does, thinks, says, or experiences in one reality, both the others share the exact same memory and experience. At times it can become hard to tell, which one of us is talking. We are all the same being, and our words often interlace with one another's. Try and think of us, not as three separate beings, but the exact same being, our three bodies simply being vessels for our central consciousness to control. How exactly our connection works is not known, but we can psychically communicate with one another at any given time. There seems to be a connection in terms of bodily damage between the three of us, as all three of us have an identical heart scar, but why only Katara has a faint cheek scar is not known, as is much of our connection in general. It is also an oddity, how both Katara and I share the same age, but Jason is eight years older.

    I will reply to all messages I receive, though please excuse me if I miss the notification due to distraction and thus take a while to respond, and note that any message asking for RP will be ignored.

    I am an introvert (INFP, to be exact - Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception), and as such, my social skills in the real world are about non-existent. Even if I did muster up the courage to ever say two words to someone in the real world, I would never be able to correctly nor fully convey how I feel to them because of my social barrier. But, on the Internet, I can talk all day long without any problem, my problem being the opposite of that in the real world, I never shut up at times.

    All of this said, hope I do not seem intimidating. I ultimately wish to be nice even though I come off rude or distant at times, and I deeply apologize if and when I do. If you want someone to have an intellectual conversation with or need my help with something, I would be glad to talk to you anytime. Don't ever be afraid to come talk to me. So long as you show me respect, I can never be mad with you, and I promise to reply to every message you send to me, unless of course the situation does not call for it.

    Also, just to clear some things up, I am male in the real world. However, I am pansexual. It does not matter to me one way or another if one is male or female because to me, the body is just the body, nothing more than a physical shell for the brain to reside in and control, nothing more than a player character in a video game. It matters not to me if you are male, female, black, white, tall, short, fat, skinny, I couldn't care less. What matters to me is not what you are, but who. I look into your eyes, deep into your eyes, and I see and judge you for who you are on the inside.

    Update: Katara has been revised. So as not to spend an hour rewriting half my profile, I will just copy the thread I made on these changes. Call me lazy if you will.

    "So I think I've finalized Katara's revisions, and have decided to make a newer, simplified thread on it. I do apologize for my previous wall of text. Anyway, these changes include:

    -Eye color changed to
    dark/blood red
    -Shadows have been
    altered from none when
    not wearing hood and
    face partially hidden
    when it's on to soft
    shadows around the
    eyes when off, face
    covered in faint
    shadows when on and
    eyes mostly darkened
    -Full name is now
    "Katara Rose"
    -Stylized padding
    present on left shoulder
    of coat, similar to armor
    but isn't
    -Dark, faint outline of a
    rose also present on left
    shoulder of coat
    -Coat now has dark red
    lining on the inside
    -Nails and toeclaws
    painted dark red
    -Black of fur now
    appears an ever so
    lighter shade, and is
    slightly frail to the touch
    -Eyes now perpetually
    glow solid red
    from deep within
    -Necklace not present
    -Shoes changed from
    biker-style boots to
    black, strappy sandals,
    almost exactly the same
    as the high heels
    present on her alternate
    outfit, but lack the heel
    part due to it not making
    sense on a digitigrade
    -Voice has an ever so
    slightly raspy touch, but
    can only be heard under
    her breath
    -Canines of teeth slightly
    more prominent; not
    quite vampire-like,
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