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    This is like no disease we've witnessed for over a hundred years so we're off to a slow start but the social issues are all wrong. We got it right attempting to corral the virus through massive isolation in order to find who has it and preventing spread. What went wrong were certain politicians...
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    "Creepshow's" Werewolves...

    For a more light hearted twist, try Wolfcop.
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    "Creepshow's" Werewolves...

    Ever see Dog Soldiers? A military group on an exercise in a secluded forest are being grizzly murdered one by one by a resident family of werewolves who know what they're doing.
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    I Want to Learn What it Means to be a Furry [HELP]

    1) My initiation was an epiphany. Before 'furry' or 'fandom' were common as dirt, I was drawn to a growing number of anthropomorphic reading material appearing in comic shops which became my priority buy. Through them, I discovered there were people with the same interests in anthropomorphic...
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    Favorite Star Wars Faction?

    Having played both Knights of the Old Republic video games and participated in SAGA Star Wars RPG, I find excitement and satisfaction serving the forces of light. I tried going the dark route in The Force Unleased but I lost interest. I'm just a boy scout.
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    Cats 2019

    I bought and watched it and I'm very happy with the results. I think they look great. Realistic 'costuming' yet still the feel of the stage. I had to sing along and I thought I had forgotten the words after decades. The rendition of the final Memories was stirring. Having human faces integrated...
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    Pardon the ever so unlikely pun but I'm sick of it. I understand the seriousness of a disease humanity has no natural immunity to but the general public has, as usual, gone into herd panic mode mostly due to ignorance and general naivete because Science was SO dull in school. Doesn't help it...
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    fallout especially falout NV

    I played a couple of the Fallout series on other platforms and never really got too far. Same with Daggerfall and Morrowwind in the Elder Scroll series. It was Bethesda's treatment that drew me. I have all the Bethesda Fallout games and play them over and over while most other console games have...
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    Climate change

    Thank goodness someone out there realizes all the world's science community has no concept of science and created this massive conspiracy to dupe the world. I take it this means the Earth is, in fact, flat and only 6000 years old.
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    Throw the cheese

    I'm thinking! I'm thinking! Give me a moment. Hmm.
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    Well, good time for background to break the ice. What got you into furry? Is it the fan side or the lifestyle or a mix of both? What fascinates you?
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Haven't heard about this until now. Interesting. Have to keep watch. I still have the original Cyberpunk RPG from the 80s. We loved it! Style over substance was the rule.
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    (Survey) What/Who is a Furry?

    And though the questions over again and.... done.
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    Cats 2019

    This reminds me when Star Wars came out and everyone was disparaging it. I originally didn't want to see it thinking it had to be that bad only seeing it because someone told me they would pay my ticket many months later. I had a very bad opinion of movies reviews after that. I've seen many...
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    Cats 2019

    Was checking to see what movies are out and what ones are coming soon on the Amazon site. CATS is listed for pre-purchase. That makes it real soon. I'm hoping March.