real life

  1. Tygriss

    Bullying awareness

    Hello there, I have been doing some looking into videos of late to do with bullying and such, partially to help my own heart that at times feels like it is held together with tape and as a survivor of extreme bullying and abuse and also to raise awareness about it. I know there are young people...
  2. Tygriss

    Going quiet on role plays for the next two weeks.

    So yeah, I will be going quiet for the next fortnight on role plays due to increasing anxiety for my flight coming up on Friday. I will be flying to Colorado on the 1st November to see my friend there until the 11th, this is a big deal for me as I have never flown in my life, have done all I can...
  3. Tygriss

    Will be quiet for a bit

    Just a quick post saying I might end up going quiet on role plays for a while. Due to health I'm moving back in with family whilst I try to figure things out. I haven't abandoned furrypile, just things have been tough and do apologise. Stay safe everyone.