Ask A Swordpone!

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5 July 2018
North of the Everfree
Earth Pony
So, I've been studying swords in one form or another for damn near ten years. I literally gobble up pretty much anything I can get my hooves on about them. YT vids, books, forums, PDFs. You name it, I've probably checked something out about them.

I practiced Kendo as a personal hobby for about three - four years, before discovering HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), and moving on to Medieval sword fighting, along with a bit of rapier and so forth. I currently own one decent made, functional replica, and am planning on buying another this year, however I used to own more than that. Got rid of them for personal reasons, usually because I discovered that the sword didn't really fit me, as a person.

I do, however, own about four different training sword, and practice as often as possible. Suffice to say, if there is anything you've ever wanted to know about swords and how the really work, I can probably tell you!

I'm also up for helping people out who are writing sword fights or duels in a story and want to try and throw in some real world technical stuff to give it a bit of uniqueness or pop.


EDIT: Yes, I know, the picture sucks. I will try and get a better one and replace it, but for now, you get the idea: I REALLY LIKE SWORDS!