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3 October 2016
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Welcome to my Cooking Corner! Where I share recipes I made, or my own creations!

This time we're making my delicious bean dip. For chips, or whatever you like. It's a creation of my own, and very simple to make. It was something I make when I don't want to eat anything else. It really fills you up.

Gather these mofo's
* One can of Heinz 5 beans (5 different kind of beans) in tomato sauce. (or get 5 types of beans and tomato sauce...). This also works with one kind of bean. I prefer the 5.
* Grated cheese of cow (about a handful)
* Chopped onion or fried onion bits (about a handful)
* Garlic sauce (comes in bottles)

Now get a pot, put the pot on the stove. Add the beans in tomato sauce and warm them up on a medium flame or setting. Careful not to burn/overcook them. Add a proper squirt from your garlic sauce bottle, like really, give it a firm squeeze. No wrong answers.
Now add the grated cheese and either the chopped onion, or fried onion bits. Stir the concoction until the cheese is properly molten and it's all a nice gooey mess.
Turn off the stove, pour the stuff into whatever you want. A different pot, or a tray *shrugs*

Now dip, dip yo chips into that delicious mess.

Now you might wonder.... ''What's the surprise?''. That's the best part, because I was very SURPRISED just how good this tastes! Works best with Doritos or corn chips.
Best served warm!

Bone app the teeth!
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would you happen to have more specific measurements or ratios?