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3 October 2016
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Welcome to my Cooking Corner! Where I share recipes I made, or my own creations!

So last week I made these super tasty meatballs, and I'd like to share the recipe with you. Looking back at it they're just pretty generic meatballs, but watcha gonna do.
Of course before we begin we wash our hands. Uhhuh. Don't need no fap hands in my food.

So we start off by gathering these ingredients
* 1000 grams / 35.2 ounces(?) of Minced meat. This can be either cow or pig meat. I chose mixed (50/50).
* 1 baggie of those meat spices. Pick whichever you like. IDK the amount, I had 40 grams / 1.4 ounces
* 2 egg of chicken.
* 200 gram / 7 ounces breadcrumbs
* chopped onion and garlic. As much as you like. You could even switch these out for fried onion bits

* Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius / 392 degrees Fahrenheit (I sound like a scientist!)

Mix everything together in a big bowl. Now knead, knead as if your life depended on it. Make sure everything is properly mixed and you have one gigantic meatball.
Now you can make as many meatballs as you like, but that also changes the time they need to into the oven. I made 10 meatballs. Now, you don't have to add butter, or oil, or stuff like that. It contains enough fat on its own.
Once you got them all nice and round you put them in a heat resistant oven tray. Preferably glass. Put them in in the middle height and make sure to close the door.

Depending on how big yours are:
10 meatballs: About 40-45 minutes
20 meatballs: About 20-30.

Always check regularly.

If done correctly you should have some very tasty meatballs now! Congratz! No worries if you can't finish them in one go. They can be easily stored in the freezer.

I hope you enjoyed Dazz's Cooking Corner today. More to come soon, perhaps even with pictures!
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4 October 2016
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Hmm.. I might put the recipe for my sauce bolognese here - IF i can be arsed to translate it all that is.