Cooking Dazz's Cooking Corner: Potato Gratin with spinach


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3 October 2016
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Welcome to my Cooking Corner! Where I share recipes I made, or my own creations!

Today I'll explain how to make my favorite potato gratin oven dish!

Get these ingredients!

* Potatoes. Depends on how big your oven tray is, But like 4-5 large ones should do
* Salt
* Cheese (any kind you like)
* baggie of cheese sauce
* Breadcrumbs (could be useful for your sauce)
* Cream spinach. Either from a jar or fresh, your choice. I chose a jar.
* Bacon bits

First off you wash your hands and preheat your oven to
220C / 428F if electric
200C / 392F if hot air
Now you wash your potatoes and skin them, cut them into thin disks about 1cm thick. Throw them into a pot and cook them, add a pinch of salt.
Meanwhile you prepare the cheese sauce, and the cream spinach if you chose to make it fresh.
Follow the instructions on the cheese sauce packet. Basically add it to 200ml of water and warm up while stirring (DON'T LET IT COOK). Depending on how thick you want your sauce you can add some breadcrumbs.

Get an oven tray, glass preferably. Put down one layer of potato disks, add a layer of cheese sauce, then a layer of cream spinach, then potatoes again. Repeat till tray is full but top layer should be potato. You could see it as a potato lasagna, the way with the layers. Don't forget to add your bacon bits in between layers!
Now get your normal cheese and grate it, dump it all on top and spread it out nice and evenly

Put the tray in the oven in the middle and let it heat up till the top layer of cheese is properly molten and gold colored. Should be 15-30 minutes. Check regularly!