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23 March 2020
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1. Project brutality: So I just figured how to play this and it's acutally pretty good the game is very much like Doom should play fast paced shoot, first ask later. I spent awhile trying to find problems with the mod and found some. A.selction of weaponry: I love lots of guns but in PB there is too much with all the weapons they have I only ended up using 4 diffrent guns the entire playthough B. monsters: the amount of monsters if good it's the same default monsters until you see the new zombies which are far to confusing as some just wear black with a helmet and with the darker look it's really hard to see which is which. overall it gets a 7/10 the game is fun I may come back but I won't be always coming back to it like the orignal doom games but for a mod this is really good. (sorry for no spaceing my shift key dosen't work)