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17 June 2017
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So to keep it sharp and simple i will post simple recipies and cooking tips for those interested.

For clarification i have never worked profesionally as a cook, as my job is different, but i have applied aspects of what i do to cooking as well as taken courses in how to cook, and to save all you lovely people time and money, and just generally give you some help, here is where we begin:

Chicken liver Parfait(base):

you will need:
450g of chicken livers (defrosted, best place to get them is a butcher, but frozen ones will do, just defrost them first)
20g salt
4 large eggs
400g unsalted butter
125g whipping cream

For the Alcoholic reduction(very important, do not skip):
150g dry madiera or Amontillado Sherry
150g Red port
150g White port
75g brandy
25g thyme
100g finely sliced/minced shallots
1 garlic clove, peeled and sliced


1. place all ingridients for the alcohol reduction in a saucepan and reduce until a syrup, or until there is not much liquid left, i suggest doing this on a low heat for the best results, i have experimented with this a few times and if you go too high you get no reductions, once this is done, remove the Thyme and set to one side.

2. de-vein all you livers and make sure to do this thoroughly, the veins are typically on the outside but if you suspect one is on the inside, then do not hesitate to get dirty and remove them, it is worth it and required.

3. once you have done this, cube the butter into smooth chunks, crack the eggs into a separate container, i recommend a plastic sealable bag and add the salt to the chicken livers, get a good coating and transfer it to a third separate bag.

4. place all 3 bags in warm water between 50-60ºC just to warm up, the butter should be melted at this point, if not, top up with water until it is.

5. take livers and eggs out of their respective bags and place into a deep container(NOTE* make sure the container is big, there is a lot of liquid and matter here, a tall steel colander is ideal)

6. use a handheld blender to blend into a smooth liquid, once this is done add your alcohol reduction and incorporate.

7. proceed to then slowly add the butter in a thin but constant stream until it is all incorporated and blend thoroughly

8. add the whipping cream like the butter until incorporated.

9. take a moment to savour the rich smell that comes off it.

10. take one muslin cloth and pour liquid into it WHILE PLACED OVER A VERY LARGE BOWL, this removes and unblended fibres and bits and makes sure your Parfait is exceptionally smooth and pleasant to the tongue.

11. place liquid in containers until 2/3-70% full

12. place in a baking tray(deep pan), make sure that the tray has boiling water added to it until it gets halfway up the containers

13. place in oven at 140ºC for 15-20 minutes

14. afterwards, take a temperature probe and insert into any of them, if the probe reads 62ºC+ then it is perfect and can be removed, if not then put it back for another 5 minutes and test again.(note* it should not be liquid after 15-20 minutes)

15. take out of oven and leave to cool for a while (20-30 mins)

16. once cool, place in the fridge for six hours minimum before serving

17. everytime you want to serve or eat one, let it rest for 30 mins outside of the fridge and come to room temperature.


Ways to eat:

1. take demarara sugar and coat the top like a brûlée, then as suggested, take a brûlée torch and brown and melt the sugar until golden brown, allow to cool for a minute before digging in with a spoon and some bread.

2. take some onion relish(red onion for preference) and enjoy with some toasted bread

3. combine the two for something incredible.
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17 June 2017
Black Dire Wolf
'Сталинский выстрел' - translates to 'Stalin's shot' or 'the Stalin shot' roughly

This is something i was shown in my questionable youth in Russia a good few years ago.


1 shot glass
1 high proof bottle of vodka
1 bottle of at least 100 proof spirit
1 match/lighter

1. fill 5/6th of the shot glass with vodka
2. fill the rest with the high proof spirit
3. light the top
4. drink

this may seem crazy but this was a big thing in my childhood, and is fucking mad, but i enjoyed it along with my friends and others who join, and i still do!

Enjoy and good luck!

note: i know it as the 'Stalin Shot' because that is what it was told to me as, i think it is also known as a suicide shot or something, i am unsure.