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  1. Sid _burn

    Sid _burn Well-Known Member

    Oct 3, 2016
    (Still working it all out can't rush this)
    Name: Richard Malgus ( Quick silver)
    spartan number: 167
    age: 29
    sex: male
    species: Valyrian
    appearance: Stands at 7 and a half feet tall. With purple and silver striped fur, with cream colored scales for his front, muzzle(more of a sergal style but draconic features are present with two horns) all the way down. Two leathery wings on his back. A long tail with a boney like spike, with a scaled underside. Bone gauntlets growing out of his forearms. He has light silver eyes..

    specialty: recon, ranged combat and cqc ,with swords
    Equipment: Magnum pistol, assault rifle, two special made katanas worn on his back.
    armour: custom class II armor, extensivly modified to fit his form and give him better range of movement in a sword fight, having samurai like shoulder gaurds.

    Rank: Cheif petty officer first class
    biography: Richard is unique coming from a rather hostile world humans would have difficulty adapting and living on. Having heavy gravity and thinner air. He has quicker reflexes, speed and impressive strength. He is very well skilled in sword combat he has yet to met a equal and eagerly awaits the day he does.

    He is a caring individual, fericely loyal to his friend and team. He was one of the best in his unit, though his means of combat are rather unorthodox they have proven effective. He can be a hot head and stubborn about things. He will never leave a comrade behind to die. It has gotten him into trouble before and his brash and blunt nature are a cause as well.

    phycological profile: Redacted
    battle traumas: can get too into battle and riled up. He enjoys fighting with his swords and getting up close..almost TOO much. Sometimes hears voices in his head due to nightmares that plague him.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.