I wanna art, Tablet recommendations



I wanna start doing proper digital art and was wondering if anyone could recommend an affordable tablet for this?
I dont need it to play games or run amazing video or have a good camera. I just want it to be good for art.

Also what drawing apps would yall recommend?

Kitty McWuff

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3 October 2016
If you have a computer of any sort, you can technically run applications of your choosing with a graphics tablet that can be connected. On our end we have a very old Wacom Bamboo tablet (which is now discontinued) that still works although the biggest disadvantage is that it lacks a screen so you do not see what you're drawing (you have to trust your coordination).

I would recommend looking into brands like XP-Pen or Huion (I personally would lean more towards Huion) for tablets that have a screen that don't break the bank compared to the very high-end tablets (like the Cintiq).

If you do not have a laptop or a computer that can handle the software or would like something very portable, you can look into the laptops out there that are "Wacom penabled" which allow you to take any one of Wacom's designated styluses and use it with the laptop without needing additional hardware. I do not know of any models I would recommend but I would certainly expect to look within the $1000 range or higher for something that would last you a number of years.

In terms of software, you have a variety of things you can use that can range from being free to paid. I personally enjoy using Clip Studio Paint and Paint Tool SAI, both of which are very similar as they are much more efficient for drawing than Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are.


@Kitty McWuff
Thanks for this info. It's a huge help. I think my crappy PC might be able to handle a tablet and stuff. I'll have to look into it :)


I'd say Huions are real nice, good drawing device with smooth strokes and comfort! I have also a Vekik but it disconnects often, so I don't really recommend it--it is affordable though and still works so if you don't mind the possible bugs and or ware and tare that might quickly spawn from it, try it out!

Free painting softwares : Krita, it's nice -- easy somewhat--a malleable program to control--has a nice brush system. Medibangpro , again another nice software, primarily for comic making and designed for illustrators with that in mind-- easy to use--- easy to understand---easy to function more so than Kritia but the brush system is not as great as Krita to me.

Paid painting softwares : Clip paint is number one to me -- good brush engine, able to create animations, comics--easy layout and functional layout--many features as well 3d function is you need decent references. Paintstorm -- The cheaper version of photoshop, nice brush engine, nice layout to make painting easier and has wonderful tools to make a realistic painting picture, this software is more used for painting in my eyes.

I have and own all these products so if you have further questions I can try answering them for ya, but whichever however you chose is your ultimatly choice and you should get what you absolutely need!