23 July 2019
Where my feet take me
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I don't honestly know how well known/obscure this is, but I wanted to share it with those of you who haven't seen it yet, and for those who have perhaps take a moment to appreciate it together. As much as I enjoy the story itself, from its humor to its serious moments it is the attention to detail and care the artist puts into it that really gets me at times.

After being without a computer for a couple years and forgetting the name of the comic itself, I lost it for about a decade. Finally managed to dredge it up in a Google search and have been happily caught up since that time. So take a gander - if nothing else a lot of the art is beautifully done.

Lackadaisy Cats is probably my favorite webcomic series at the moment, and am so glad to have found it again. So! To all of you my cherished acquaintances, I offer a chance to see what I find joy in.

Plus! An artist this talented deserves more recognition.