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4 October 2016
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Archaeologically speaking, mead (fermented honey wine) is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages we know of. I've been brewing my own for several years now (why I didn't see this sooner, I have no idea...) and wanted to share a few tips, tricks and one of my favorite recipes.

1) If using a bottle to ferment, cover the bottle with decently thick cloth. Sometimes, especially if using yeast or fruit, the fermentation may spike and over-pressurize the bottle. This can cause leakage at best, but the bottle CAN explode (I've had it happen to me). The cloth helps regulate fermentation by limiting light and makes possible messes a lot easier to clean up.
2) Don't use cheap equipment! Seriously, the times I've had bottles explode has always been because I've bought cheap bottles to store/ferment it in. Best bet is a solid glass bottle with a cork, but be sure to secure the cork.
3) Open in a place where you wouldn't mind cleaning up (over a sink or outside for example) if using fruit or yeast. Natural gas building up can create a lot of sometimes aggressive gas release.
4) Do Your Research! If you want to make a cherry mead, find out a good fermentation time for the size you want. If you want to use spices and herbs, figure out what goes well together first.
5) SANITIZE! Nothing in this hobby is more infuriating than going to get the finished product to find that it has molded or gone sour during fermentation.
6) Trust your nose... seriously, if it smells off, don't drink it.
7) ABOVE ALL... have fun. Get creative, try new combinations and maybe tell me all about it. :D

Basic Mead
2-4 parts Honey (your choice of brand or type) depending on how sweet you want it.
6-8 parts Water (your choice if you want to use spring water, tap water or what have you.)
Mix and bring to a simmer for ~10 minutes before putting in fermentation container (bucket, bottle, etc.)
Let ferment ~30-45 days in room temperature.
Bottle and enjoy.

Autumn Spice Mead (makes ~750ml)
1 teaspoon (equal parts)
-anise, ginger, allspice and nutmeg.
2 parts Honey
3 1/2 parts Water
Mix, simmer, bottle.
Wait... Enjoy.
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4 October 2016
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