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24 January 2018
The Wilds of Canada
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I thought I'd make my first post back about modern films and bring up a question for the viewers: what movies would YOU be interested in seeing that has not been made/hasn't been made in awhile?

I have always been interested in first world war history and how the gruesome and horrific conditions of trench warfare had a major mental impact on the soldiers that had fought not only in the front lines, but also behind the lines, tending to injured and shell shocked troops. There is a movie however, coming out this year called "1917" which is set in the first world war, although I do not believe it will be focusing on the same topics that I had brought up previously, but enough about me, what do you want to see become a motion picture in the future?
18 October 2019
Pennsylvania, USA
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This might be more appropriate for a television series than a movie, but I'd like to see a re-make of the Alien Nation series substituting anthropomorphic animals for the aliens of the original program. The original series was set in a world where aliens from another world had arrived on Earth as exiles, and were struggling to find acceptance and integration into human society; the central characters were a human police officer and his alien partner. In a reworking of that theme, the partner would be a furry whose heightened senses, speed, and agility would make him an incredible asset to a police force at the same time that he struggles against prejudice.

A movie also comes to mind called District Nine in which aliens of crustacean or insectile appearance are largely segregated and despised by the human population and forced to live in ghettos as an underclass. I'd love to see a furry translation of this!