New Halo Game Concept

Do you think this would make an intesesting game concept that you would potentially play?

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4 October 2016
Aurora, NC
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So, while lazing about this morning and browsing the Halowaypoint threads/forums, someone posted something along the lines of "What type of Halo game would you like to see?" And I think I came up with a pretty interesting concept for a new Halo title.

It would be an online open world game, similar to how the Defiance game was, but you know, better. Players would load in and join on either the UNSC or Covenant side. (Spartans vs Elites with player customization). Players could do little side missions or tasks that could help them score resources or intel that could aid them in battle. You could have a couple of ways to win. Destroy the enemy HQ or maybe have one where you kill the enemy army's leader (players will continue to respawn until their leader is killed.) before wiping out the remaining players. Include a wide array of weapons and vehicles from both forces throughout the Halo Universe, even add in some aerial combat. To top it off and make the world feel a little more fleshed out and like a battle, throw in some AI fodder like how they did with Warzone in Halo 5.

It would be a pretty awesome way to get a more FPS experience with some of the more obscure vehicles only really seen in games like the Halo Wars series.

You could even have a map that is Flood infested so both sides are having to deal with the Flood while having to worry about the enemy army.