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Sfw art circle

Raphial Hebert Aug 20, 2017

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  1. Raphial Hebert

    Raphial Hebert Member

    Jan 10, 2017
    White wolf
    Wanted people to submit their art here :3 Any SFW can be posted here, and I encourage compliments, or respectful critique, and hope to see some artz!

    Here's some of my latest pictures...
    Raph thinking...
    A younger version of my villain character, Eloe.
    A battle of two brothers fighting for two different causes; one to destroy the world, and the other to save it. Eloe, the blonde wolf, is a fallen soldier that succumbed to madness and accepted the possession of a several-thousand year old demon. This demon created a civil war that nearly crippled society, but in a daring attempt, his younger brother, Raphial (My fursona), dedicates himself to stop his older brother to save his world. The chaotic battle brought so much more than he had bargained for, and in this scene, Eloe had warped them both into the Underworld. A chaotic, deathly, and hollow place where only death awaits and lingers.

    Because of the nature of the demon who possesses Eloe, he is able to use the environment to his advantage, seeping its very lifeless nature into a hell-born energy, used against Raphial. Here, his powers and abilities triple, and Raphial has to face him head on to stop his fallen brother. If he can, Raphial hopes to save his long lost older brother from himself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.