Something I was thinking about

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3 October 2016
Roermond, The Netherlands
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You just wrote a bucket list some people make after years of working and saving up to retirement, selling the house and getting that RV. You live on the road drawing on your savings for fuel, food and sundries. You're reward for a lifetime is you go where you please and see it all.

Otherwise, you need to win a lottery. That's my bucket list. I worked all my life, reached retirement age and will have to work till I die because the way the world really works. Actually, I had a bucket list dream come true for several years when I was thrown out of work and no one was hiring anyone (age discrimination) but I had food stamps, redeemed a 401K, a paid off car, had a lifetime of savings in the bank and a twenty year pension. I went where I wanted and did what I wanted and had the money to do it and it felt great. Good times.

So start saving and buy some lottery tickets.

Oh I am saving, . + my new job builds up 3x the retirement fund than the job I'm leaving. So yeah.