Cooking The Elder Scrolls Cookbook


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4 October 2016
I was at a Gamestop recently checking out what was available for the XBOX. I got talking to the attendant and we started chattering about Skyrim. She then lead me to a shelf to show me a related item, the Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook! Snatched it up after reading a bit.

For the non Elder Scroll populace. The is a series of roleplaying games for the PC and various consoles with very rich game play, gorgeous, super detailed landscapes and objects and very extensive stories and quests. Throughout the known world, there are iconic foodstuffs and drinks (power ups). It seems the author of the book decided to recreate these foods and drinks as close as possible with real ingredients though I would love to see the effects of real moon sugar! If it weren't for my diabetes, I'd have that Elsweyr fondue made by now! And yes, make your own skooma.

Do an image search for the Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook and there will be sample pages for various dishes from the book with illustrations. In the meantime, let me get these baked ash yams in the over.