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73 Lincoln Continental...
Rip off all the vinyl.
Sand down -everything- and clean off all rusted spots.
Body fill -everything- on top.
Sand the hell out of it.
Almost done.

Still gotta paint it. Got the engine ready, getting some of the electrical work done.. shoot me now.
SOMEWHERE in my passenger seat my airbag connector is loose OR the wiring harness for it is dying....CANT WIN WITH THIS CAR lol

This is on top of one of my wheelspeed sensors malfunctioning, and because its a rear wheel i need to take the wheel off to poke at it but like....effort
Raphial Hebert
Raphial Hebert
Could bring it into my little shop, could get it fixed, or check on it.
Don't have time sadly, gonna be busy as shit the next few months and wont even have time to poke at it on my own. Will just have to ignore the light for now
Rune that i think on it, the only time i'll even have time is when im in oregon next week lol cuz i leave a full day earlier than when i absolutely need to be there Dx
Im here, kinda took a break from the site...well not really took a break from the site....just the chat....I'll be here if anyone wants to talk