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I like to RP: Horror/Gore, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Apocalypse.
I don't mind smut/kinky stuff, torture is something I can do as well. I am better at the dark stuff with slight comedy.
I would also like to do a kung fu panda but more mature version.
Lol been here less than a month and was asked if i wanna be a temp department manager til may. Definitely feel a lot better working here than i did the dealership
Interview went so well at this dealership, they called the Store owner and I got to meet him personally the same day, and chatted with him for over an hour. I'll be starting out in one spot, but might end up managing a whole new building soon. Holy shit!
That's awesome, Raph! Good luck with the new job!
Got barely two hours of sleep, then took off into Seattle traffic. Made it to my interview and fucking KILLED it. I'll be making huge bucks very soon. Is this the light at the end of the tunnel I've been busting my ass about finally? o:
So I got a notification last night I had an interview for a big job hours later at like 8am. It was like 2am. I busted my ass all night going up north to stay at a friends place nearby, then stayed up all night cutting my hair, trimming my face, etc.
probably gonna be scarce. hit me with those emails or discords if u wanna keep in touch more regularly.
i think i will take you up on your offer for the fantasy rp
Check out the Oracles and Mercenaries Rp in the brainstorming. That's what we're doing.
Got a new rp in brainstorming, Oracles and Mercenaries. Meant for any genders, 1-2 players. I really love the idea, so I hope someone else does too!
When a popular artist gives you praise, you must be doing something right! This is probably the tenth popular artist in this year... I am growing!