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  1. SashaLang

    Rainbow Six Siege starter tips, tricks and goals

    I was debating over whether or not to start playing Rainbow Six Siege, and I decided to go ahead and try it out under the name of Shadow961. Thing is, I have only played it one time a few years ago. Does anyone have any advice and/or tips for starters?
  2. SashaLang

    Plazma Burst 2 Map Demos

    Hey, I'm making multiplayer maps on Plazma Burst 2, and I would like some opinions, suggestions, and improvements. First Map: Trap Runner
  3. SashaLang

    Favorite music/song you found recently?

    Lately, I've been looking up songs to listen to, and one of them was this: Moskau what were some of your favorite songs to listen to recently?
  4. SashaLang

    Gameplay Ideas for Chromebook

    Anyone got a game I can do a group gameplay with on a chrome book while running Discord?
  5. SashaLang

    Wayward free 1.9.4

    Has anyone played this game before? I find it addicting. :tongue: