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I never even saw him for a week before he passed. He sat there in that bed, sick and dieing. I couldn't get to him and say farewell, say goodbye. To tell him I loved him and that he was a great grandfather.
I've been having an emotional day apparently... My friend signed up earlier and when some stuff went down I kinda freaked easier than normal, I've gotten dramatic way too much over stuff and to top it all off... I Started remembering my grandfather, who was with me for alot of my life but died from cancer just the other year. I had a silent moment of crying on this last walk to internet, just having memories come up.
I think I'm just going to take a haitus. I'll probably hop online once in a blue moon to check on things, but I question my purpose in staying around. The people I await may never return, I don't do big roleplays, I'm not really active in most forums...there's not much for me. On top of being a third wheel. And so I will retreat to Discord, mostly. In a time of feeling disheartened, I will retreat to obscurity.