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  1. Punnchy

    Movies 2018

    New year new thread. New movies watched, right? What have you seen? And... What did you think. Star Trek (2010): good reboot is good. Bright (Netflix): This should be a TV show, not just a movie.
  2. Punnchy

    Video shows blotches of color during playback.

    I'm having a system issue where when I play a video it will randomly have half the box fill with a green or pink color and the other half will fill with some other color. The audio plays but I have to start and stop the video to get it to display right
  3. Punnchy

    Patreon Apologized (Good for them) PFFTTTTT. How did they not see this was a bad idea from the start? “We absolutely fucked up that rollout” Um, duh. Now what still baffles me is guys like Fek make twice as much as jay naylor. Go look at...
  4. Punnchy

    Dreams for PS4 (Comming 2018) I'm not one to get hyped about a game at all, andI'm not one to preorder shit, however this game is one I'm feeling I totally will be preordering and know that I'll be getting more invested in it than I have in...
  5. Punnchy

    Black friday shopping (is dead right?)

    So... did any of you guys go shopping yesterday or today or even god help you thrursday to snag bargins? I don't know how the rest of you fared but I'm not really one to say that I've enjoyed the trek to the store the last couple of years or really found anythign that OMFG I can't live without...
  6. Punnchy

    Thor: ragnarock

    I've been wanting to see this movie and am thinking about getting nuucat to go with. I've seen pretty much every movie in the marvel universe so far, and think it would be enjoyable. I know that my client wants to go a well. Is it a very violent movie for a pg-13 film?
  7. Punnchy

    Netflix's big mouth.

    So, I've been watching the new show on netflix called Big Mouth. It's an animated comedy about puberty. It's been making me laugh pretty much every episode to the point I can't breath. Maybe I just like that type of humor. Has anyone else watched it and if so, what are your thoughts?
  8. Punnchy

    Cbs is bringing back the twilight zone Sweet Jesus. Jordan Peele. Need I say more?
  9. Punnchy

    Civilization 3 is free atm

    I'm not sure if anyone likes turn based strategy unit manipulation however civilization 3 is currently from Humble Bundle you got like a day left to get it
  10. Punnchy

    Whatcha playing pile mach. 2

    Looks like the first one died off v.v, so... What ya playing pile? TLOZ: Breath of the wild: We recently purchased a Wii U and have been taking turns playing it within my house hold. I've managed to get the most play time In and am loving it. Final Fantasy 15: A new empire. I'm already level...
  11. Punnchy

    Movies 2017

    Whatcha watching? Arrival 2016 5/5 This is a movie that you need to see. Its a brain bender. Sausage Party. 0/5 Don't watch this. Its Not worth your time.