1. Fluffyfox

    Ask the furry weeb!

    Ask me anything
  2. Leocrit

    (Video) Furry Game Reviews - Lugaru

    MORTAL RABBIT!!! (Had to change music due to Copyright Bullshit) MUSIC- Gilles Pellegrini - I Believe I Can Fly Riot - Game, Set, Match Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Leocrit1
  3. BigchungusMama

    She-ra furry question

    So me and @Parodius have started watching She-ra, were on season 2 and I was wondering, would Catra be considered furry? I know the 80s version would be for sure as she has like an animal transformation. And on that same note, would Scorpia be considered furry? I think yep but I wanna see...
  4. Tygriss

    Furry music band

    So found a British music band on YouTube that appear to be furries. They all have individual so as and some have animations which is fun. They're a rock band and have quite a few good tracks out. Link below if you wish to check them out! https://youtu.be/hI_aEDN9OkM