1. DarkFox319

    Pokemon sword and shield

    So just got the new Pokemon game at themidnight release 2 hours and thirty minutes ago, and I'm already in love with it. From the graphics to just the pokemon walking around I didn't get far but all the pokemon I can see just give me this amazing feeling can't wait to keep playing it. Anyone...
  2. Venya


    anyone still play? I wasn't sure where to put this since there is no gaming forum section thing. but yeah! I still buy the card game and play the online version as well of TCG. I kinda play the DS version as well but not as much as TCG. anyone still like or play?
  3. Windchill

    Pokemon team.

    I am doing a personal Writing project, and have been asking around in different chats and the like and have come up with a few choices. but i need more input, if you guys want to help me out i would be greatly appreciated. so far the names are in the list please choze one this will be the name...