Returning Kimber Vaile - A regal fox arrives

Why is it always so much easier to start than finish writing projects? I'm very much the same way. The good thing is you can always go back to them later, and sometimes, after time away, things magically jell. Well, maybe not magically, but time can bring a few insights here and again.
It helps to sometimes look at your projects with a new set of eyes, which is why sometimes time away can really help with a project. Sometimes when writing that new perspective or time away breathes new life into it. Which can make the writing all the better!
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Hey Finn, doing pretty great here! Seems like I tend to fetch positive company these days. :p As always, happy to bump into a friendly fur, seems like you've been adjusting pretty well to the site from the looks of it too! Very happy to see.
Yep! Everyone here has been so nice. This site is amazing.

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