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30 September 2016
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Hi Everyone.

It's come to our attention over the past few days that users may not be familiar with our reporting system and what they should report in the first place.

So I'm here to give a bit of a heads up.

If you see someone breaking a rule or saying something out of line in chat then you can simply hover over their name and click the little flag icon which will send a report with the exact message to the staff team.

Similarly, you can hit report on profile, DM, and forum posts with the same outcome.
We can not see your DMs so we rely on you to take screenshots or report the message in particular.
You may be asked by a member of staff for more evidence and context on a report as well.

When reporting, what we want to see reports on is:
  • Rule violations that we didn't catch (Chat messages, forum posts that get buried, inappropriate pfp/banner..etc)​
  • People saying things that they should not be that would fall under harassment or any other rule gray areas​
  • A user making you or others uncomfortable​
  • Documented evidence of a user under 18 on the site.​
  • "Witch-hunting" and subtle things that'll indicate a user is trying to skirt the rules or loophole to harass others or violate the rules.​

What we do not wish to see:
  • Reports based on personal biases, issues, grudges, pettiness.. Etc.
    (This means reports due to personal reasons or reasons that don't break any rules but are done because a user "didn't like it")​
  • Reports that include information a user can not verify themselves with screenshots.​
  • Reports on alt or duplicate accounts​
  • Dozens of reports on the same user by the same reporter.​
  • Reports based on hearsay.​
  • Reports on a users attitude or behaviors that isn't against the rules whatsoever

The site being an 18+ only site means that we expect users to conduct themselves as adults and resolve issues in a constructive and mature manner.
We're not your parents nor are we going to act like it, you're absolutely required to read and adhere to the rules as written.

We understand that not all cases are capable of being resolved or needs intervention by staff when things turn sour or hostile but for other stuff that can be fixed with communication we view that as the users' responsiblity.

With cases regarding alt/duplicate accounts, we have and utilize the ability to IP check users as they join the site in the approval queue to ensure that they aren't duplicate or alt accounts. If they are then they are merged or deleted, in some cases they end up with points in their account if it was purposely done.

If you're unsure of if something is allowed or not because it's not clear in the rules or it's a gray area, feel free to contact a member of staff to ask. 💜
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