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Most likely what's happened is that the script has lost track of an object it needs (i.e. the replicator) and it's abandoned trying to execute it. That cutscene should go on a lot longer. By the time you have control of Minty again, it should've been set to 'Apple'
Ok, looks like a simple issue with the number sequence getting out of order. I knew I should have done a full run-through rather than just teleporting to each room in turn.
Busy at work today sadly, but I should have some time to fix this up tomorrow and I'll have something for you hopefully before the end of the weekend.
New versions now available. I've fixed the issue with the tutorial getting stuck on the third screen. There's an intermittent error that occasionally happens on the last tutorial screen where the player can't walk past the recycle bin automatically which I've hopefully fixed; let me know if you see that one. I've also done some quality-of-life updates such as making it easier to jump downwards through a series of platforms, and making it possible to walk over the 'lip' of the last ladder platform on the Movement tutorial rather than having to do an awkward forward-jump.

Quantum Entanglement Demo - Windows
Quantum Entanglement Demo - Mac

Oh, also, ignore the 'spare' Mech License that's lying around in the entrance foyer. That's for my testing convenience.
I've had a another playthrough of the demo. I noticed the fix with the platforms and walking over the lip, that's much easier to handle now. I love the system of using items in each hand, I also got a little too excited when I noticed that a half-eaten apple was lighter than a whole one and could be thrown further, I like the attention to detail! I can tell it's going to be fun solving whatever puzzles you have planned, and the humour between characters is great!

I did run into issues again, sadly, and it's to do with the recycle bin. When he automatically walks to the bin to dispose of the items, he walks extremly slow, almost walking in place. He does eventually reach the bin and disposes of the items, but it took a minute or so of waiting for it to happen. Once I had control again, I decided to jump and then he got stuck in his jumping pose and I couldn't move at all after that, I was entirely stuck.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 143327.png

I love what you have so far, keep it up! ^^
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I think Unity may have been playing silly buggers on me here; it seems to have unchecked an important check-box that makes the recycle bin's collision box into a 'trigger'. It's basically blocking the path when it shouldn't be. What I don't get is why it sometimes doesn't happen! If it was all the time I'd have found this problem ages ago.
I'm going to hang fire on another release for now until I have done the save game system and the option to skip the tutorial. I might wait until I've added a couple more screens too. Probably the next update I'll introduce you to some of the other characters you'll be able to meet and talk to.
Had a pretty bad week at work and it's kinda consumed most of my time :( Hopefully I'll be able to get back to working on it properly soon. But thanks for asking!
Awww, sorry you had a bad day at work my furpal hugs You have me obsessed with this for some reason, can't wait to see what happens next....Keep up the good work and don't let life get you down!
Introducing: Brother Weevil, the much-put-upon junior acolyte of an extremely indecisive apocalyptic cult that took over the station's cinema when the reactor exploded. Expect the colour of the robes to change. A lot. They are not good at reaching a consensus.


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