Fortunately, unfortunately

Unfortunately, despite it's poor calibration, Lenago's pile detector is very good at picking up the intricacies of language and notices that "il" is not the same as "li", thus leaving us stuck in a pile and him stuck with tax paper work D:
Unfortunately, she's so tiny it takes three days to do a single plate and you daren't use the sink while she's in there.

(Yes, it's a lady termite. She's from an all-female colony. No, it's not sexist. The other 33,999,999 termites don't help at all, they just sit around on beanbags eating crisps and passing the Bechdel Test.)
Unfortunately for them, dishwasher Termite was writing a book in her spare time (when she was not washing dishes for three days straight) and the story of her struggles of being different within the colony, for actually doing the dishes, were so inspiring that she got a job as a paperback writer, leaving the others behind with tooooooons of dirty dishes!
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